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Port of Ness - Northern most tip of the Isle of Lewis
Port of Ness - Northern most tip of the Isle of Lewis


Provenance: What's the story?

Cock & Bull Tweed Collection was born from Cock & Bull Menswear, a British design-led brand launched in 2012 to offer a range of menswear made entirely in the UK from sustainable textiles. 

In 2017 the Tweed Collection launched as a separate - but affiliated - entity, to focus on realising the full potential of the very popular collection.

Our tweeds are handwoven and come from the Northern-most tip of the Isle of Lewis, in the wild landscape of Scotland's Outer Hebrides. Our garments are made by the dozen in the UK, not by the thousands in the far east. Our caps are made in Yorkshire. Our waistcoats are made in East London. Our bow ties are made in Kent. We use an organic hemp/silk blend textile for our linings and carbon offsetting as part of our commitment to sustainable style. 

UK manufacturing is a point of pride in who we are and where we live.

It supports people who we come into contact with, their families, our community and local economy. It also positively affects our carbon footprint. It means in many cases we know the names of the people who have been a part of the making of a Cock & Bull Tweed Collection garment - from the weaving of the tweed, to the stitching of a cap, waistcoat, or bow tie. And we know they have been paid fairly - even generously - and are not working in demeaning or dangerous conditions. It's a part of keeping our supply chain as close and as ethical as we possibly can, as well as being able to confidently shout about the quality of Cock & Bull Tweed Collection. It signals a return to pride in the process of garment manufacturing, which is why we can say that our clothing is designed to be cherished.

We use handwoven tweeds from the Isle of Lewis exclusively, made in the time-honoured traditions of Scotland's Outer Hebrides. We're proud to use Britain's finest heritage textile and to be supporting remote location artisan weavers.

Sustainable Style

We use tweeds that have, by the nature of their being handwoven in small batches, a very low environmental impact. Our linings are an organic blend of hemp and silk. Unfortunately, we can't find anything like this in the UK. The American company we buy this from has it made to their very high environmental standards in China. We have it sent directly from there and offset each roll we import, as well as all our other processes (energy use, transportation etc) with Carbon Footprint Ltd. We'll be making all of this checkable and transparent very soon.

Made to Last / Slow Fashion

We would be thrilled if someone who bought one of our caps or waistcoats might pass it on to their children or grandchildren as vintage in 50 years time, and if it went on down the generations. We're not about fast fashion, here today, gone tomorrow. We suppose you could, therefore, include us in the 'slow fashion' movement. Because we know - because everybody should know - that there is no such thing as cheap fashion. If you're not paying for it, someone else is - and they are paying way too high a price.

We are a young and dynamic team and our manufacturing base is small. With your support, we can expand and generate more economic stimulus for more people in more towns and cities across the UK, while maintaining the great traditions and skills sets of British garment making - and make you some dapper threads!

Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders
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